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Mechanical motorbike airbag


The mechanical motorbike airbag: Reliability and simplicity

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The mechanical motorbike airbag: Reliability and simplicity
Our mechanical airbags detect falls and accidents when the person is ejected from the motorbike. They include a strap that allows the airbag to be attached to the motorbike and a gas cartridge that will automatically inflate the airbag in the event of an accident. A simple, reliable, and robust system ideal for motorcyclists looking for ease of use and optimum protection.The airbag is located under a back protector (SAS-TEC level 2). This innovation significantly improves back protection, reduces the risk of intrusion, and considerably reduces the force of impact (better energy absorption).

Our range of mechanical airbags offers a wide area of protection in vital areas:
Support for the cervical spine and head, stiffening of the trunk to stabilise the vital organs: thorax, lungs, pancreas, abdomen, stomach, liver. Complete protection of the spine. As well as protection of the kidneys and hips*. The trunk is maintained to resist hyper-flexions better.

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