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Givi V58NNTB Maxia 5 Monokey 58lt.


Givi V58NNTB Maxia 5 Monokey 58lt.

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The Maxia 5 MONOKEY® top case with a 58 ltr. capacity stands out for its automotive-derived design, with clean lines and advanced aerodynamics. A structural updating of the case allows for an optimised weight of 5.4kg and greater robustness.
The V58NNT version comprises four glossy black painted covers and a transparent reflector along the front section. The sleek lines are enhanced with photoengraving on the lid and two chrome decorations on the base.
Particularly suited to those who love to go motorcycle touring, alone or with a friend, the Maxia 5 top case can hold two large-sized modular helmets.

– An elasticated strap to hold the contents of the case firm
– A soft internal mat applied to the base
– An inner mesh anchored to the base with four dedicated hooks
– A lid with comb hinges with stops, eliminating the need for retention cables

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