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So you’ve bought a beautiful motorcycle, and you want to keep it looking – and more importantly, running – its best. The most effective way to keep your motorbike in tip-top condition is with regular servicing.

Why service your bike?

Firstly, it will give you great peace of mind. Your motorcycle is essentially a seat that can travel at incredibly high speeds, the last thing you need is something breaking off, coming loose or springing a leak at motorway speed.

It will extend the life of your motorcycle, and keeping the oil regularly changed and everything ship-shape will make sure it’s performing to its full potential, every time you hit the road.

Does the service have to be done by an expert?

At Mototaso Service mechanics will have an eagle eye for any loose seals, bolts that need tightening or cracks in rubber. They’ll be able to tell at a glance whether some O-rings are splitting in your chain, and if your clutch cable is showing signs of wear.

From a safety perspective a regular service schedule, staggered with your MOT, should make sure that experts are looking at your bike every six months or so.

Safety is paramount when it comes to motorcycling.

As well as having professionals look over your wheels every six months or so, make sure to complete regular eyeball inspections yourself of things like the tyres, levers, pedals and bolted-on pieces of fairing or mudguards.

How often should a motorbike be serviced?

Broadly, motorcycles benefit from servicing once a year, or when they reach certain mileage milestones. Each bike will be different, and your owner’s manual should tell you what your specific intervals are. But after your bike is fully run-in, an annual service should suffice.

You can complete basic maintenance yourself – such as topping up or changing the oil, checking and changing the battery, and making sure your chain is tightened, on a week-to-week basis.

But for a full service, it’s advised to let Mototaso professionals handle the job.

This also depends on how often you ride. If you’re a weekend warrior who only brings their bike out once every few weeks in summer, your routine maintenance won’t need to be as intensive as a year-round commuter, whose battery will be battling freezing temperatures in January with a chain putting up with 52 weeks of grit, salt and rain spray.

If you’re someone whose bike regularly runs super-hot at track days, or you push it to its limits regularly, your oil may need changing more often, as well as tyres and brake pads.

Can a motorcycle service at Mototaso save you money?

A full service history will ensure you can sell your bike for top dollar as and when you decide to.

You’ll have probably pondered the question of “how much mileage is too much?” when considering a motorbike purchase. The short answer is, a bike with 25,000 miles that’s been serviced regularly, will probably do you much better than one with 10,000 miles that’s never had so much as its chain cleaned.

If you can produce a service book with annual stamps, it will reassure the prospective buyer that you’re someone who is conscientious and has done their best to make sure the bike has had the best life possible.

Similarly, it’s something you should be looking for from anybody you may look to buy a bike from.

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