For motorcycle enthusiasts who love comfort but don’t want to sacrifice design, GIVI has created a new line of aluminium cases, the TREKKER ALASKA 36 LTR and the TREKKER II 35, designed to guarantee maximum security and comfort.   The first line, the TREKKER ALASKA 36 LTR, which is estimated to be available from April 2020, is a pair … Read more

Suzuki has released the successor to the GSX-S1000F, the new 2022 GSX-S1000GT and GT+ models. We took a first look at Suzuki’s aggressively redesigned GSX-S1000 naked sportbike back in April, and rumors of a sport-touring variant have been amplifying ever since. Enter the new GSX-S1000GT, successor to the S1000F, with all the performance of the new S1000 on which … Read more

So you’ve bought a beautiful motorcycle, and you want to keep it looking – and more importantly, running – its best. The most effective way to keep your motorbike in tip-top condition is with regular servicing. Why service your bike? Firstly, it will give you great peace of mind. Your motorcycle is essentially a seat … Read more

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